Перегляд елементів (загалом 1009)

The text is copied in vocalized nesih with the main text in black ink and red used for titles, overlines and dividers. It is contained in a single column inside single-ruled red text boxes with 9 lines of text each, including titles. The pages…

Nestalik, main text in black ink with red titles and gold text boxes. The text is arranged in two columns of 17 lines each. Occasional marginalia in Persian occurs throughout the text. The text contains a hatime but does not have a dated colophon. …

The text is copied in unvocalized nesih with vocalization appearing only at the start and for non-Ottoman Turkish sections. It was copied in black ink, with red used for titles. It does not contain textboxes, but is divided into two columns, with 13…

Nesih with full vocalization. Main text copied in black ink with text boxes in maroon ink. There is an unvan at the start of the text in black and maroon ink featuring floral geometric patterns as well as a moon and six-pointed star. The unvan has…

Each volume has added engraved t.-p.
Frontispiece portrait of John Ireland engraved from a picture by his friend.
Portrait of Hogarth on t.-p. of v. 1 from the original picture in the Shakespeare Gallery.
Vol. II.: Nature.
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