Перегляд елементів (загалом 1009)

The text is copied in nesih. At the start of the work are matrices of the names, with outlines in red ink, names in black, and dates of reign (?) in red ink below. Further into the text there are genealogical charts in the form of circles containing…

Олаф Цельсій (1670-1756), профессор богослов’я та східних мов, настоятель кафедрального собору в Упсале. Відомий своїм дослідженням про Ліннея. Найвизначніша праця - "Hiero botanicon" (Упсала, 1745-1747).

The text is copied in nestalik in black ink with red used for titles. It is arranged in two columns, which become one for titles and the colophons, surrounded by double-ruled text boxes in gold containing 17 lines of text with catchwords on…

The text is copied in large, fully-vocalized nesih in black ink, with red used for titles and separators. It is organized into a single column with no text boxes, with 9 lines per page, at the start, followed by five lines of horizontal text…
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